College of San Mateo

As part of the College of San Mateo Artist/Graphic Design Lecture Series, I was invited to give a talk on my professional experience, as well as provide the students an honest look into what they can expect from the design industry. This also included some advice on how to stand out from the crowd when applying for their first jobs. Plus a crash course on how to get set up with a portfolio website.

Slide from the presentation with the text "Beyond the Online Portfolio" and "Keegan Lillo"
Slide from the presentation.

Keegan Lillo presented ‘Beyond the Online Portfolio’ as part of the College of San Mateo's Artist/Graphic Design Lecture Series in 2018. Over 200 students attended to hear how to stand out from the crowd in applying for their first jobs, as well as Mr. Lillo's personal take on his own professional experiences, what they can expect after graduation and how to set up a portfolio website. Mr. Lillo greatly contributed to our goal in this series to prepare students for life after the classroom.

Rebecca Alex, M.F.A. Professor and Chair, Art Department, College of San Mateo