Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

I began working with the HRAFF team for the Humankind Online Film Festival, a seven-day program of high-calibre films and artist performances, whose stories examine and celebrate the highs and lows of our shared human experience. Since then, I have led the technical side of things for our Regional Weekend event, as well as our major in-person annual festival spanning eighteen events across five venues.

During my time with HRAFF my contributions have been:

  • Integrated a custom Shopify checkout experience with the festival website for purchasing tickets.
  • Built an analytics dashboard using Jamstack technology to allow the team to monitor ticket sales in real-time, as well as help in reporting at the close of the event.
  • Edited and mixed the film introductions, which included a Welcome to Country, message from the HRAFF team, the artist performance, and other transition elements.
  • Improved film accessibility by composing and re-syncing subtitles.
  • General visual refinement of the festival website.

I now provide ongoing support for the general technical needs of HRAFF, by helping with everything from website updates to training on password manager use.

Screenshot of the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival event page
Human Rights Arts & Film Festival event page.

Keegan has generously given endless hours, energy, and expertise to the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. What started as a general technical support role, quickly and organically evolved into a leadership position that helped our organisation elevate the accessibility of our events — to reduce barriers to participation in our festival — and put our operations above industry standards. In addition, Keegan has brought senior level skills to the development of our online ticketing platform, creating a level of UX that is usually not financially viable for a grassroots arts organisation like ours. Keegan has taken all challenges in his stride and has calmly sought out simple solutions that have had a significant positive impact on our organisation for our audience, collaborators, and team members alike.

Imogen Thomas - CEO, Human Rights Arts & Film Festival